1. Surviving Cancer
    Surviving Cancer
    "It's a rare and aggressive form of papillary thyroid cancer"

Surviving the


​​"Hearing the words cancer, aggressive and rare from my doctor was frightening enough, but to hear that I may not talk again was unimagineable."

A month after being diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer on her back, Kim spent nine hours in surgery to have her thyroid removed.....A surgery that should have only taken two.
Though what Kim remembers most vividly is they also told her there was a chance to beat the cancer and get her voice back. That was a defining moment for her. That was all she needed to hear. Learn how she took control of her life and beat the odds, but had to make some tough decisions that would not only affect her boys, but her dream career.
  1. Divorce and 
Single Parenthood
    Divorce and Single Parenthood
    Sometimes life is hard and tough, and it seems pointless when things get rough You want to turn and run away, And escape the hardships everyday. But it doesn't help to flee from fear, To drift further away with every tear. Don't let life's struggles get you down; Don't let stress make you frown. Just fight through the pain and stay strong; And lean on those who won't do you wrong. Just live life to the fullest every day; If you want to be happy, it's the only way. ~02


"This poem was written for me by my godson, a very wise young man and has been on my refrigerator for 14 years. It has given me strength and courage especially when I was going through a divorce with three very young boys. People still ask me how I did it. Yes, I had to rebuild my life, but I had a really good toolbox."

Hear Kim's story of being a single mom with a demanding career and what tools she found to be helpful.