1. The Journey
    The Journey
    "Move toward the things before you. Leave the past behind you."



"Life is full of surprises. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows. Embrace both, enjoy and appreciate the ups and learn and grow from the downs."

This story begins with a determined young girl from Cincinnati who loved softball, volleyball.. and tornadoes.  Her journey  from there is full of many life changing decisions but Kim always looked forward.  From the time she joined the Air Force, to then becoming a familiar face on The Weather Channel, to now starting a new career, Kim's personal and professional life would be like the weather she would analyze, good days and bad days. Even though the forecast may not have been what she wanted, she always knew sunshine..and love would eventually return. 

  1. Challenges of Being a 
Woman Meteorologist
    Challenges of Being a Woman Meteorologist
    "Why would a nice girl like you want to study meteors?"

Changing the Weather Pattern


​​"He asked me what I wanted to            be when I grew up.
            I said a meteorologist.
I could not believe his response.
it made me mad and even more          determined to be one."

Kim knew she wanted to be a meteorologist since she was 11, but realized quickly how challenging it might be. All the meteorologists she knew were men.
Kim is recognized as a pioneer for women in meteorology and has inspired many young girls to pursue the field.

How did Kim get from a forecaster in the Air Force to her dream job at The Weather Channel and what challenges did she face in a career dominated by men?  Here she outlines how she succeeded in her Get SET program.  It's a fascinating story, filled with life lessons and making good decisions, but with many obstacles, including sexual harrassment.

In 2001, Kim was chosen by her peers in the American Meteorological Society to co-author a children's book about her career to encourage young girls in a science field.
"You Can Be A Woman Meteorologist"